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Narratives of Labor History
(Arbetarhistorisk skildring)

NLH is a Swedish research team which studies Swedish-American Labor History.
We publish Labor History narratives, biographies and articles

The research projects are not our day time jobs. We do this because we think it is important to pass on knowledge to this and future generations of history readers on all aspects of Swedish- American life at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th Century.

Typical themes for our research:
• Swedish-American roots in Sweden. Through Swedish church books it is possible in general to trace family roots back to the 17th century.
• General history of the everyday life of Swedish-Americans.
• Scandinavians within the IWW, SP, Farmer Labor Party and other radical movements.
• Biographies of people like Eric Hoyer, former Mayor of Minneapolis.
• The history of Swedish newspapers in USA, such as for example Arbetaren.


We publish all sorts of material about Swedish-American Labor History. Books (both our own production and translations into Swedish), pamphlets, articles in newspapers and magazines, exhibitions and so on.

Presentation of the members of the Narratives of Labor History

Henrik Johansson, graduated in the Faculty of Philosophy as archaeologist and archivist. He is currently working as an archivist at the Army Museum and the National Swedish Museum of Military History.

Previous work as an archivist: The Church of Sweden´s National Archive in Uppsala. The Regional Archives in Uppsala and The Labor Movement Archives and Library in Stockholm

He has many years' experience of local history, genealogical and emigration research
Has produced several articles about the local history of Lidköping. Editor of a book on the history of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth in Skaraborg county.

E-mail: henrikjohansson (krumelur)


Jan Å Johansson, political adviser/press officer, European Parliament, Brussels. Has written several books about the history of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth, the Swedish Social Democratic Party history in Uppland county and about Sweden and the membership in the European Union.

E-mail: janaajohansson (krumelur)


Fredrik Persson, political scientist. Previously worked as a journalist at Nya Lidköpingstidningen ("New Lidköping Newspaper"). He has written articles about the local history of Lidköping and a paper about the history of the Swedish Social Democratic Party. He has also written a book about the history of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth in Skaraborg county and one book about the history of the Swedish Social Democratic party in Lidköping.

E-mail: fredrik (krumelur)

Our mailaddress is:
NLH (or AHS in Swedish)
c/o Jan Å Johansson
Slåttergatan 49
SE-602 12 Norrköping

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